Bibliography (EN)

(Ouvrages en français)

Books in English

  • Poitevin, Guy (1996). Stonemill and Bhakti – From the Devotion of Peasant Women to the Philosophy of Swamis. New Delhi: D.K. Printworld.
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  • Poitevin, Guy (2000). The Voice and the Will, Subaltern Agency, Forms and Motives. New Delhi: Manohar
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  • Poitevin, Guy; Rairkar, Hema (1993). Indian Peasant Women Speak Up. Bombay: Orient Longman
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Books in Marathi

  • Poitevin, Guy; Rairkar, Hema (2011). डॉ. बाबासाहेब आंबेडकरांच्या आठवणींचे  आत्मभान (Dr. Bābāsāhēb Āmbēḍakarāncyā Āṭhavaṇīncē  Ātmabhāna, Women’s self-awareness through evokation of Ambedkar). Songs of the grindmill sung by neo-buddhist women on Ambedkar. Pune: Sugava Publication. ISBN: 978-93-80166-23-0
    Guy Poitevin’s latest work on Ambedkar has been translated to Marathi by Hema Rairkar and Asha Ogale.
    Open-access digital version of the manuscript is available on SLDR, along with a glossary.

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