Launching the campaign

(Page en français)

meule7We set-up a cooperative campaign (crowdfunding) with HelloAsso for the financial support to project “I tell you woman!”. This projects aims at completing the documentation, translation and publication of a very large corpus of songs by Indian peasant women in Maharashtra. These songs used to be interpreted before sunrise during their work at the grindmill. The collection and analysis of songs started more than twenty years ago at the initiative of the late Hema Rairkar and Guy Poitevin.

The “I tell you woman!” website ( already gives access via its database to the texts and classification of more than 100,000 songs, among which about 30,000 have been translated to English and/or French. Almost 4600 songs have also been recorded in digital audio. All this data is stored on a repository of linguistic resources ( taking care of its open-access dissemination.

The team is in charge of completing English translations, finalising transcriptions and finishing the indexing of recordings. It comprises Asha Ogale, the translator, with the assistance of Rajani Khaladkar and Jitendra Maid for editorial work in Marathi, and Bernard Bel for technical aspects.

The duration of the project has been estimated two years and its budget (based on the current rate of Indian Rupee) will be approximately 560 euros per month. All donations are collected and forwarded by Association Guy Poitevin Inde-Mayenne (GPIM). Corporate patronage would also be welcome (send mail to contact(at)

The donation procedure is explained in English on page:

Readers conversant with French may directly access:

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